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Go Joe!: A UCC Roundup

A wuzzup!!! from

Hey all,

One upon a time, GI Joe and Transformers struck a pose like Madonna in Vogue. Snake Eyes would strut about like a cowboy, and Bumblebee did push-ups before Megatron who sat cross-legged.

It was all very complicated.

But there are only so many ways to contort, twist, turn and bang on these garish bits of plastic. That's why I'm so taken with the Wii, Guitar Hero and MMOGs (Massively Multi-player Online Games for you N00bs :P).

These games (or toys) let us live out our imagination and share what's in our head with others. Just last week, the line between reality and imagination was blurred with avant-garde motion controllers (see Who needs controllers?), and world-creating games such as Little Big Planet.

Who knows what's next for games? Leave your thoughts in the post!

See you soon at!
Your Friendly Change Champ,

Ps: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens on 24 June! Don't miss it!
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