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5 sports that were changed by technology

Assorted sports: 5 Sports that were changed by technology  Love sports? Then you’ll know how important it is to get good sporting gear.

The best ones will enhance your gameplay and give you that edge over other players. It’s because millions of dollars are spent researching and improving sporting gear each year. Thus you’ll get new technology on the courts, fields or tracks all the time.

That’s a far cry from the 720 BC Grecian games when athletes once competed in the nude!

In this post we’ll look back at 5 sports that were greatly changed by engineering and technology since their naked beginnings:


5 things to know about engineering

*Creator of Tomorrow, Andrew McGlinchey, guest blogs*

In case you didn’t catch it, I was on 938Live Passion People. It was crazy cool talking about UCreateChange, innovation and engineering, as well as whether locals are creative (they are, you just don’t know it yet).

It’s a great first step at dispelling old-fashioned notions about engineering (and engineering folk).

And that’s what the Creators of Tomorrow are here -- to let people know that it’s a lot more fun, exciting and creative then the usual engineering myths. For this blog post, I’d like to expand on five engineering characteristics that I’ve mentioned in the interview* and give examples on what’s cool about them.

* FYI, my interview with 938Live is posted at the bottom. :)


Students' take: Is engineering, business, or medicine cool?

We love coolness.

We pick the coolest handphones and the funkiest fashion; and for students in their final year of junior college – perhaps coolness is a factor when choosing a course and career.

But what’s cool as a course and career? Is it engineering, business or medicine or something else? Is “coolness” even a factor for students?

938Live’s radio show hosted by DJ Dave Martin at Anderson Junior College featured the topic “that probably factors into every student’s mind at one point or another – ‘what do I want to do with my life? How do I decide on a course of study?”’

And the responses from panelists and students, très interesting.


Congratulations to Top 5 finalists!

Congratulations to the top 5 finalists of Create 2010!

We did it!
It took our judges a looong time to pick and choose because every submission is awesome! But our judges must decide, so here are your finalists:
• Weighing Wheel by Team IV
• Gdome by Great Ideas Association
• Pendulamp by Frontier
• Expired Food by Create!
• Virtual Cloning by Nimnix3

Check out their ideas at


Go Joe!: A UCC Roundup

A wuzzup!!! from

Hey all,

One upon a time, GI Joe and Transformers struck a pose like Madonna in Vogue. Snake Eyes would strut about like a cowboy, and Bumblebee did push-ups before Megatron who sat cross-legged.

It was all very complicated.

But there are only so many ways to contort, twist, turn and bang on these garish bits of plastic. That's why I'm so taken with the Wii, Guitar Hero and MMOGs (Massively Multi-player Online Games for you N00bs :P).

These games (or toys) let us live out our imagination and share what's in our head with others. Just last week, the line between reality and imagination was blurred with avant-garde motion controllers (see Who needs controllers?), and world-creating games such as Little Big Planet.

Who knows what's next for games? Leave your thoughts in the post!

See you soon at!
Your Friendly Change Champ,

Ps: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens on 24 June! Don't miss it!

Gutsy Women

Your weekly wuzzup!!! from

Hey all,

If you didn't know about it, the Singapore Women's Everest team have made it to the top of Mount Everest! No doubt, the latest advances in material and mountaineering technology have made the going easier than Sir Edmund Hillary's first Everest ascent with his Sherpa guide.

But it takes a gutsy soul (or six gutsy women) to snuggle into mountaineering jackets and boots, cinch a utility belt of pitons and carabiners, throw on a backpack loaded down with tents, O2 tanks and food, and then face the mountain with an ice-axe and the words, "I will climb you and I will not bow to you."

Now that's irreplaceable. Give them a heroes' welcome when they come back! 

See you soon at!
Your Friendly Change Champ,

Ps: Check out the Singapore Women's Everest website at

Don't Miss...
2009_05_18 - Marina Barrage Marina Barrage

We like it, like it, like it so much that we're featuring it on our home page. Check out the pump room (no relation to the microbrewery) where the reservoir's inner workings and plumbing are displayed & explained for curious folk. 

(Go there! 'Nuff said)

Other Posts
2009_05_19 - UKs Smallest car UK's Smallest Car... just what we need in Singapore! Cars are getting huger and wider, but drivers are getting worse! The government should implement a policy where everyone starts out in these little cars before they can drive mammoth SUVs. (Go small; think big... :D)

2009_05_19 - Ugly Ace asks Ugly Ace asks for directions the nearest toilet. We're kidding! Ugly Ace, a robot built by the Technical University of Munich, wasn't told how to get to its destination by its creators. Instead, it stopped humans and asked for directions (unlike most males). And it's the only one that worked in real life! (Give directions to a robot)

2009_05_22 - Flight without fuel
Flight without fuel

This solar-powered plane is in the prototype stages now but if it works, now that'll be as important as the first plane built by the Wright brothers. Imagine! Cheap airplane tickets to Phuket! (Get on the solar-powered plane

2009_05_18 - xYz Handheld xYz Handheld

There's a rumour that Microsoft's building a gadget that combines Xbox 360 with an mp3 + video player. So if you're sick of blasting away at enemies, just switch over and listen/watch Adam Lambert's performances on American Idol. (The future of games

2009_05_22 - Speak your language Speak your language

Machines can create workable translations of a blog post. But to really capture the naunces, say from English to Swahili, you'll still need a human. Right now, we're using a hybrid of machine and man, but it's just a matter of time before it's all automated. (Check out the translators


"Genius was 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." - Thomas Edison

"Humans who dared to dream are creative. Humans who dared to broadcast and share their dreams are our inspirations are role models." - Chirpee's comment on 5 future visions


Sea-fresh water

Your weekly wuzzup!!! from

Hey all,

Malaysia's got its first case of Swine Flu (or the more politically correct H1N1 virus). It's just a matter of time before it comes to Singapore.

As Douglas Adams would say, "DON'T PANIC!"

The mortality rate is incredibly low and it resembles your standard flu -- just that it comes from pigs. You can stave it off by getting plenty of exercise, sleep, water and good food. If all else fails, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

In other news, head south to the Marina Barrage with your picnic basket. It's an amazing feat of environmental architecture where Marina Bay is sectioned off and turned into a freshwater reservoir for this city. Plus, it looks nice at sunset. Get there before the gamblers when the casinos open!

See you soon at!
Your Friendly Change Champ,

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2009_05_14 - 5 future visions 5 future visions

These guys in the 60s & 70s, and even the 1930s, made predictions about the future. It's surprising how many of them actually came true! What say you?

(Read visions by 5 futurologists)

Other Posts
2009_05_11 - ninja seaweed Ninja Seaweed

No one knows what it is (Plant? Animal? Man-plant?) because it disappears as soon as you touch it. Rumour says that it cures gout. Anyone knows what it is? (Watch the amazing disappearing seaweed)

2009_05_14 - Archi   technology Architecture + Technology... us really cool buildings that can be engineered into existence. And putting together a building that resembles an inverted Ming vase with a skin of green grass ranks highly on our list of weird buildings. (See these new visions of buildings)

2009_05_14 - 5-min ice cream
5-min ice cream

"I scream for ice cream in 5 minutes flat!" - Wowzer. How to argue with that? (Make a 5-min ice cream

2009_05_14 - Air   rubber band = hand Rubber bands + air = artificial hand

This is a hand that uses rubber bands + compressed air to change its gripping pressure. Apparently it won a bunch of engineering awards and the creators are manufacturing cheaply. (Here's how it works

2009_05_11 - Seed Bomb Plants Plants in a bomb

Every air-dropped capsule is a mixture of bio-degradable materials, customised botanicals and green thumbs. It's still a little wonky but it's a great combination of engineering ideas. (Would you bomb desserts with plants?


"Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems." - Scott Adams


Oink Oink

wuzzup!!! from

Hey all,

THANK YOU for your suggestions!

They're very much appreciated!!!

I've passed them onto the panelists to think over. And we'll make sure that has all the cool stuff that you need! After all, what use is a website if it ain't got what you want? :D

So be honest, and tell us, no-holds-barred, what you like or don't like about the site. We've got thick, thick skin. :D

Oh yes, check out this week's Hmmm... section (scroll down to the end) for some submitted suggestions. They certainly got us thinking about the site. Hopefully, they'll get you thinking about it too!

See you soon at!
Your Friendly Change Champ,


Don't Miss...
2009_04_16 - Fabric of the Future Fabrics of the Future...

...are on show in Tokyo 2009: Senseware. The exhibition is a showcase of Japanese artificial fibre technology where "some of these fibres are as fine as individual cells[!], some more pliant than rubber, and some electrically conducive as metal".

Mind-blowing eh? (Xchange post)


Other Posts
2009_04_29 - Eyeborg Eyeborg

Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence is probably the first cyborg (part man, part machine, all nerd). He has replaced his lost eye with a video camera and wireless transmitter. And he's filming the world from his perspective. Hmmm.... What if he walks into a ladies toilet? (Xchange Post)

2009_05_01 - Binishell Binishell

Pour concrete on a steel canvas and shape it by blowing air into it. Sounds crazy eh? You can get outlandish architectural shapes with this method and it's economical too! (XChange Post)

2009_05_01 - Allosphere Allosphere

A bunch of engineers, mathematicians and musicians took neurological data (essentially numbers on a piece of paper) and turned them into blooming shapes, pretty colours and an entire musical score to represent everything that's going on in your brain! You have got to watch the video for yourself! (XChange Post



Some user submissions for

  • " a sketch area. where people can sketch up whatever creation they want and its posted instantly. i.e., instead of words to describe how they'd change the world, have a sketch!" - mary-anne hia

  • "Tired of flipping pages on Xchange. Would love to see a ready-to-view list, so that I can pick and choose the story I want to read." - #CHEK WAI YIN#

  • "Your website is very cool with all the new and interesting things everyday.
    perhaps I'm being demanding. I just feel that the website is not practical in a sense that it does not provide a platform for me to make a change. when i saw the advertisements I thought it's like a platform for young people to communicate and meet up to do interesting activities." - kang long

  • "Homepage should have a central focus (contest or theme for the month)" - Tania

Keep them coming!



Why a blog?

It’s about time ain’t it? And I’d like to publish to my Facebook fanpage without having to reformat it for Facebook!

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