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5 sports that were changed by technology

Assorted sports: 5 Sports that were changed by technology  Love sports? Then you’ll know how important it is to get good sporting gear.

The best ones will enhance your gameplay and give you that edge over other players. It’s because millions of dollars are spent researching and improving sporting gear each year. Thus you’ll get new technology on the courts, fields or tracks all the time.

That’s a far cry from the 720 BC Grecian games when athletes once competed in the nude!

In this post we’ll look back at 5 sports that were greatly changed by engineering and technology since their naked beginnings:


5 things to know about engineering

*Creator of Tomorrow, Andrew McGlinchey, guest blogs*

In case you didn’t catch it, I was on 938Live Passion People. It was crazy cool talking about UCreateChange, innovation and engineering, as well as whether locals are creative (they are, you just don’t know it yet).

It’s a great first step at dispelling old-fashioned notions about engineering (and engineering folk).

And that’s what the Creators of Tomorrow are here -- to let people know that it’s a lot more fun, exciting and creative then the usual engineering myths. For this blog post, I’d like to expand on five engineering characteristics that I’ve mentioned in the interview* and give examples on what’s cool about them.

* FYI, my interview with 938Live is posted at the bottom. :)


Students' take: Is engineering, business, or medicine cool?

We love coolness.

We pick the coolest handphones and the funkiest fashion; and for students in their final year of junior college – perhaps coolness is a factor when choosing a course and career.

But what’s cool as a course and career? Is it engineering, business or medicine or something else? Is “coolness” even a factor for students?

938Live’s radio show hosted by DJ Dave Martin at Anderson Junior College featured the topic “that probably factors into every student’s mind at one point or another – ‘what do I want to do with my life? How do I decide on a course of study?”’

And the responses from panelists and students, très interesting.

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