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Future Mobility: Urban Design

What happened on (31 May-6 Jun 2010)

Can buildings move? Can they swagger, saunter or unfurl – even with people living inside them?

Can we carry our homes on our backs? Or have London Bridge roll out across the channel?

2010_06_06 - New York City Rebuilt From Its Own Trash

Maybe the future of buildings are simply higher, stronger and better…made with nanotechnology and embedded with sensors that warn of unusual stresses.

Perhaps we’ve to go north into the Arctic Circle to escape the crowds. How then should we keep warm in the North Pole? Or follow New Yorkers’ lead to build their city from trash by using automated robots that take trash sitting at a landfill and use it extend the city and reconstitute it.

And on sunny days break out Blob VB3: the Mobile Living Space – we’ll bring it from rice field to jungle to beach or designated parking lot.

So can buildings move? Can they swagger, saunter or unfurl – even with people living inside them?

Look around, dream a bit, and you might find Future Mobility in buildings.

Take the Create2011 engineering challenge and tell us your vision of Future Mobility to win the grand prize of: A Nokia Experiential Journey in Beijing and Singapore! Check out our Facebook fanpage for exciting contests & giveaways!

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