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Create2011: Team Hong Kah (Junior)

image Project name: T2GPS
School: Hong Kah Secondary School
Team Members: Kaung Myat San, Supratik Banerjee, Ye Htet Myet

Have you ever had this problem of not getting a taxi when you are in a rush and when you get one, there is a traffic jam during peak hours? You try to call the taxi company and wait for the response and pay extra fee of $3 and sometimes it takes a long time to come to you. And because of that, you miss your important meetings and occasions?

There is misunderstanding between the commuters/passengers and the taxi drivers. When there are many passengers waiting at the taxi stand, there is no taxi available. When there are many taxis waiting, there is no passenger. Not only that but also taxis have to roam around the roads to get passengers which is wasting time and fuel.  The global warming is becoming worse every day and we must reduce the production of carbon dioxide and there is also a shortage of natural resources.

The solution

Our software, T2GPS will solve this problem. T2GPS stands for tracking taxi global positioning system and it will be installed to smart phones or downloadable content for smart phones. As you press the software in your phone, it will activate GPS which can track your from taxis. In your phone, you can select the taxi nearest to you and the destination you want to go to.

After selecting the taxi and destination, it will send a message to the driver’s GPS screen whether he wants to accept it or not. If the taxi driver accepts it, other not selected taxis will disappear in your phone and can see the selected taxi coming to you. If the driver declines it, that taxi will disappear and you can select another nearest taxi.

The Benefits

Drivers can make use of the system to locate the passengers rather than driving around to locate them. In addition, it can help the drivers to save petrol and the daily operation cost. At the same time, we can reduce the amount of vehicle on the road. Hence, it will increase the efficiency of the transport system. We need not to build taxi stands which seem to be a major contributor of traffic jams within the area.

Taxi will proceed to the location that requires their service. Instead of roaming the roads, taxi drivers park their taxis at the designated taxi parking areas and track the passengers with the T2GPS system. By doing so, the taxi provides can reduce their cost on fuel and increase the efficiency of the services provided. Saving petrol can lessen usage of natural resources and reduce the production of carbon dioxide. This environmental friendly, a green software will be the next big thing in the near future.

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