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On Kick-Ass Presentations

We’ve talked about how to articulate engineering ideas last week. Now that the first hurdle has been jumped over, let’s deliver a kick-ass presentation on your idea!

Kick Ass Presentations

First, relook into the previous article and revise those 3 steps.

Got a swanky name for your idea?

Got your lists out?

Translated them for the layman?


Now, since you have a great idea, now it’s time to do up a presentation that is clear and concise:

Step 1

Done your Pro/Cons lists? Be prepared to answer any questions. Think about the cons that arise from your idea. Always try to account for the cons that appear in your idea.

Step 2

Anybody loves facts and statistics – more so for engineer to fellow engineers. Have your facts and figures presented in graphs and charts. Check and check that all the details are in order.

Step 3

De-clutter your presentation. Never lump too much information together. Spread your information out. Anything beyond font size 12 is too small.

That’s it…for doing up a presentation.

Now, moving onto preparing your presentation.

Step 1

Memorize the sequence of your presentation. It will help you pre-empt your next steps.

Step 2

Rehearse until you can recite your presentation easily. Try not to refer to your deck of notes while you present, it is more professional that way.

Step 3

Dress appropriately. Unless you are Steve Jobs, don’t wear your sneakers or track shoes or slippers to a presentation. First impressions count and if you do not put in the effort to look your best, people will not take you seriously. And that’s a waste since you’ve put in so much effort!

Please recommend more help tips by leaving your comments below!

By Ong Yizhen

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