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Create2011: The Three Musketeer (Senior)

image Project name: Fisor
School: Anglo-Chinese Junior College
Team members: Yohanes Lim, Anthony Gunawan, Hans Adrian

This proposal is presenting the new way of ‘controlling’ your computer cursor by using fisor (finger sensor) while overcoming the problem stated above. This product is able to replace the long-reigning mouse for it is able to enhance the mobility of its user and its use can be expanded for medical use as well as industrial use.


One set of fisor consists of five finger-tip-sized cursor controllers which are airborne. A set of fisor is for the use of one hand (from thumb to little finger). The intensive use of nanotechnology enables fisor to be equipped with motion sensing to control the mouse cursor. Supporting multi-touch , fisor makes everyday works easier, especially during presentation. As it is airborne, fisor does not require any surface to function unlike the current mouse. Thus, whether it is at home, on the bus, or during presentation, fisor is a real convenient to be used.

Finger Sensor (Controller):

  • Motion sensing: to detect the motion of fingers
  • Touch sensing: to click by letting the bottom part of index finger’s and thumb’s fisor to touch each other
  • Infrared sensor: to enable the Data Bar to locate fisor
  • EaglePicher Medical Power
  • Bluetooth: to transmit date from fisor to the Data Bar
  • Ultraslim design: To allow a convenient use


The Data Bar:

  • Bluetooth receiver: to receive data from fisor and send it to computer via USB connection
  • Infrared transmitter: to locate fisor
  • USB connection

The Fisor portable thumbdrive:

  • Equipped with fisor installer (compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating system (OS))


Casual Use

On the bus, it is troublesome to use a mouse since there is little or no level surface to use the mouse effectively. The alternative of Synaptic Touchpad requires the user to balance the laptop with the non-dominant hand while moving the cursor with the dominant hand. Our alternative, fisor, is airborne thus there is no trouble when there is no surface and there is no limitation to stick to the pad below the keyboard to move the cursor.


isn’t it weird that in a presentation, the presenter needs a helper to click the slides or although presenter uses a remote, he still has to go back to his laptop to open other files (web browser, etc)? Using fisor, you can present effectively and conveniently as you can control your laptop cursor from anywhere within the sensor range. This means less time consumed for coordination and going back to laptop.


The use of fisor can be extended to gaming, where gamers can practically pick weapons and aim the enemy accurately. It can also be used to control augmented reality, which application can be used for puppet master or conductor practice.


Fisor can then also be used in the medical field. It enables doctors and undergraduates to simulate operation by moving their hands to pick up the necessary tools.

Original Proposal

image image image

image image image


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