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Create2011: Aviateurs (Senior)

image Project name: Buddy
School: Raffles Institution
Team members: Ian Chua Yong Kwang, R. Arvind, Raymond Kang Seng Ing

Currently, the internet is getting ever smarter and knowing more about us through our past searches and preferences. However, have you ever wondered if the internet would do more than that?

Could the internet provide us with our hearts desires at the snap of a finger? We think it can. We are thinking of a system, we call buddy, that will be able to use a users emotions and moods to act as a source of input for search engines, shopping or even smses. This emotional input will be gathered by the vocal tones, facial expressions and pulse rates of the users. For example, the facial muscles of different emotions are recognizable with face recognition technology, and an angry person would have a harsher tone during conversation.

Our team believes that emotions play a huge role in every persons social life and buddy will take social networking to the next level.


With the increasingly prevalent use of smartphones  today, one can expect Web 5.0 (hypothetical number relative to the current web 2.0 system) to be vastly linked to smartphones. Given the current rate of development in technology, smartphones are likely to be able to recognize facial expressions (through cameras), voices (voice detection), and detect pulse rate(pulse meters) then.


Buddy can modify its Internet searches to be more suited for the user’s mood. For instance, if one is depressed and wants some entertainment, Buddy would not return sad movies like Titanic, but might suggest comedies and upbeat songs to cheer one up.

When sending text messages to friends, Buddy can display your feelings along with the message. This could make messages more personalized and increase their human touch.

By observing a student’s emotions in different periods of time, Buddy could find him an optimum studying schedule. Buddy can then connect friends with similar studying schedules, enabling them to study more productively together.

Buddy allows one to create groups and check the mood of every group member. This could let leaders increase the productivity of group meetings, by ensuring that everyone is emotionally stable before holding them.

Buddy will include FeedMe, a feature that chooses the canteen food that suits the student’s mood and diet best in school. Data like nutritional information and availability will be uploaded by stallholders to the Internet. FeedMe will then use this data to match the student’s current mood and diet to release a selection of well-picked canteen food.

By tracking data like one’s emotions over time and preferred forms of entertainment, Buddy will learn much about the user and bring social networking to an entirely new level. This data can help Buddy find people with similar interests to the user and forge new friendships or strengthen existing ones. One might even be able to find his/her soulmate.

Overall, buddy will be a revolutionary system that will redefine the web as we know of it. With mood/emotion based applications, the world would probably be a happier place.

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