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Create2011: UP2You! (Senior)

image Project name: Sense.It!
School: Nanyang Polytechnic
Team members: Gwendoline Tan Wan Xin, Benezer Seow Jing Yang, Daniel Lim Yu Xuan

Our idea originated when one of our group member went overseas with his friends. While it’s late at night, they got lost with each other along the streets. Both of them got separated from each other and could not contact each other due to inaccessible cellular communication. In the end, they were lucky to be able to locate each other with the help from the locals.

However, as they return home, they were complaining about the lack of a tracking device in the market which requires neither cellular data nor GPS (Global Positioning System).

Hence, we started to brainstorm ideas and came out with the product “Sense.It!”.

Functionality of Sense.It

Sense.It! is more of a social networking device instead of a mapping device. Everyone have friends and most of us will like to meet up with friends.

Sense.It! consists of a chip and software. Both hardware and software can be built into either a mobile device or even their laptops.

We want to create a chip known as Sense.It! chip that is able to broadcast signals within a 10km radius. The signal broadcasted is used to “communicate” and detect other Sense.It! chips nearby without any reliance on third party technology (such as cellular data and GPS).

Issues regarding Sense.It!

Privacy Issue

As Sense.It! is a social device, it allows users to track their friends even without the use of third party technology. This can cause problems such as stalking and endangering the privacy of each individual. Because of this, it has to be the responsibility of the user to accept requests only from friends that they trust with.

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